Stories from the Ask Koko team

Ask Koko Launches Nationwide!

April 21, 2020

Good morning,

Today we're expanding Ask Koko and launching the service nationwide across all 50 states. In response to overwhelming demand by those most burdened by shelter-in-place orders across the country, we've decided to make our service available to those in need, wherever they may be living.

While we may not know everything about you or your loved one's regions immediately, we will do our best to provide the best information available, in real time.

Since launching Ask Koko just a few weeks ago, we've answered questions ranging from recommended safe shopping practices, to local park closures, to technology "how-to's," and much more.

I'm excited to be expanding our service and giving people across the country free access to Ask Koko.

If you or a loved one would like to receive a complimentary check-in call, please fill in your information for us here, or send us an email with your preferred contact number and availability to And as always, I invite you to call or text Ask Koko at (218)275-5656, for the COVID-19 answers you need today.

Stay safe!

Brad Eckert
Concerned Grandson, Cofounder & CEO @ Totemic

Introducing Ask Koko.

April 13, 2020

With so many of us isolating at home, technology has become essential to keep us safe and connected. For many older adults, reliance on technology for the day-to-day necessities presents a hurdle. This challenge is something I've observed first hand in caring for my own 87 year-old grandmother and as an entrepreneur in the health and aging technology space over the past three years.

Keeping people safe at home is a core part of our mission at Totemic. Our team has made the decision to apply our resources toward realizing this mission now, when the need is greatest. We feel a great sense of duty to help those most at-risk, older adults, navigate this time of need. 

I'm delighted to announce the launch of Ask Koko, a Coronavirus concierge line that empowers older adults with the answers to their everyday Coronavirus questions and connects them to the local resources they need to remain safely at home.

Our Ask Koko team is specially trained and experienced in identifying and sharing the resources most relevant to older adults. We work in real time with individuals remotely to help answer any questions or fulfill any needs — from the essentials such as food, water, and prescriptions, to helping maintain their lifestyle at home with remote religious services or exercise classes, and advising them based on the latest information from trusted sources.  

Our goal is to keep older adults safe by offering the most trusted, up-to-date, and relevant local information to support the lifestyle shifts posed by COVID-19.

Coming next week, we will be expanding the Ask Koko service to include Koko Care, which adds frequent check-ins and a one-on-one relationship, to care for older adults quarantined in their homes in a more personalized and proactive manner. Many older adults are isolated, lonely, and at-risk at this time and Koko Care will be a way to make sure there is someone there for them.

For now, I invite everyone who is over 60 or could use a helping hand to contact Ask Koko and get the answers they need free of cost.

Call or text at 218-ASK-KOKO (218-275-5656), 6am-8pm PDT, or go to to sign yourself or a loved one up to receive a complimentary check-in.

Stay safe, stay smart, and stay informed — Ask Koko!

Brad Eckert
Concerned Grandson, Cofounder & CEO @ Totemic